What’s Our Story?

Live like Queen Size, Have Cake King Size, Put Your Positive Pants On !

Been born in the Middle East for more than 25 Years , Nikita noticed that there were very less options for fitness and stylish active wear in the UAE. So, she decided to launch her own custom made NEAT active wear.

Founded in 2020, a year no one can forget, a year of highs and lows, where so many industries were shut, but ours was born.

Here her journey begins where she designs to create what she loved wearing. NEAT was first born with the idea of providing active lifestyle inspiration and clean eating habits to the mass and now we are doing apparel simultaneously.

NEAT sincerely values being authenticate, specialized, transparent, and trustworthy. We are dedicated in delivering the best fitness wear that is full of veracity.

Our goal is to offer top notched fitness wear products to women who want to keep themselves fit and fine. NEAT is definitely for those who want to feel good about what they wear.

We have selected styles that are eco-friendly and feasible. Moreover, we kept in mind that our products does not hamper environment. Thus, we are eco-friendly.

This active wear performs best when you do yoga as well as other training activities. You can be easily converting these wear into high street fashion wear from office work till you work out.

NEAT is nothing but reminding one to focus on their nutrition endurance leading towards active transformation.