About Our Product!

Yoga Mats – expansive & best for your skin

N.E.A.T’s yoga mats are designed with the aim to bring relief from the daily dins & chaos.

The mats are spacious to help you find your own private space and experience calmness within – with your self. The mats use skin-friendly material which truly enhance your yoga routine.

Experience calmness on this piece of soft land made just for your soul.

Yoga Block – block out all stresses!

Daily stress causes our bodies to feel stiff, thus restricting movement & flow.

Our yoga blocks are here to help you block out all stresses.

Made from foam, bamboo and cork, these yoga block will help you perform in full range of motion even if your body is stiff.

The block is often used as an extension of the arms, but can also support the back, head and hips to help the body settle into a pose.

Resistance Bands – push your limits to experience fulfillment

NEAT’s resistance bands help you push your limits to experience wonderful possibilities & peace.

Providing you with maximum “Ascending Resistance”, our bands allow you to push throughout the entire range of motion which is similar to carrying weights.

One session with these is sure to leave your body, mind and soul recharged, pumped and invigorated.

Active Wear
Compressed leggings – Workout in ease

Our uniquely designed range of compression leggings will help you to complete your workout without any pain, increasing blood flow and great recovery posts every exercise.

Sports Bra – Flaunt it for a workout/ party or chill scene

N.E.A.T’s active wear line is designed with stylish finesse to give it a multipurpose usage.

You can wear them for your yoga class, gym workout and also flaunt it as fashionable haute couture! Pair your sports bra with a pair of bell bottoms or straight-fit jeans and you’re ready to be in the spotlight at every brunch or night out.

They didn’t lie when they said ‘N.E.A.T’s super comfortable and stylish sports bras are a girl’s best friend.’