About Our Founder

Nikita Thanwani

Be it pursuing my MBA or being a Miss India Finalist, yoga has been an integral part of my achievements.

My daily yoga practice has shown me how to approach my life holistically, allowing me to achieve a sense of ease and acceptance I never thought possible.

Choosing to walk down the path of yoga and clean eating has changed my life completely and left me more accepting of myself and the nature of reality than I ever thought possible.

Since my practice, I’ve noticed a huge gap in yoga apparel and Yoga mats. Stylish didn’t equate with comfort, and comfort didn’t equate with stylish; ultimately barring us in achieving a fulfilling yoga experience.

Just try how comfortable yoga gear can help loosen your core! I assure you that you will be left astonished how a simple change in gear can help our bodies, mind and soul experience so much more.

You can get so much more out of one 20 minute yoga session!
Life is short, so we might as well extract the best out of each moment.

My vision is to curate good quality stylish yoga wear, compressed leggings and offer the best range of sports and comfortable workout gear.